Al Wilson – Motocross Biker

When the passion you enjoy takes its toll on your body on a regular basis, you have to take note, step back and do what you can to ensure you can keep doing what you love, most especially if you’re above 40…or 35 or 10. That’s what exactly happened to Al Wilson when he found out the importance of nutrition and alkalinity truly was to keep him on the podium. When you’re a dad and husband being on top isn’t the most important thing, it’s family. It’s not just Al (the pro Motorcross racer) using the Avena products but the whole Wilson family! Ramping up a positive influence throughout the entire Wilson household with Avena, from faster recovery after workouts to reduced anxiety and worry. Overall this family has health at the core and building out from there, and this Avena family thinks that is just excellent!

— Al Wilson – Motocross Biker