My wife’s amazing recovery from terminal Lupus

After 23 years in helping build a very successful retail electronic family business – our lives ran into a Brick Wall….  Kathy my wife – was diagnosed with one of those so-called – INCURABLE DISEASES – LUPUS.    Like most of us – we quickly depended on our family doctor to help us out.  After many tests – needles and drugs – we heard these words from our Medical system.

We are sorry – but we cannot help you anymore – Go home and learn to live with Lupus – because Kathy – there is NO cure for Lupus. You will always have Lupus and you will die with Lupus.

By this time – unknowingly, Kathy’s one kidney had shut down and Kathy’s body was swelling up to where her ankles were 14 inches in diameter – her head was the size of a basketball and they only thing that kept her from going insane was soaking in the bath-tub – because her entire body was covered in a red rash, and was so itchy that she could not stop clawing at her skin causing it to break open and drip uric acid.  I remember watching as Kathy one day rang out her hair that was soaking wet with her uric acid.

Discovering the Cause of her Disease

It did not take long to know that we needed to go a different direction.  We quickly arranged an appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor in the city of Edmonton that was referred to us by a friend.

During her tests – she discovered that Kathy had extremely high levels of DDT Poison and suggested some homeopathic medicines.  Although there was some relief – Kathy continued to go down-hill.  At the time we did not know the source of such high levels of DDT, however, after talking to her parents – we had a better picture.  As a young child – DDT was sprayed weekly on the window sills – which also landed on the toys on the floor.  We all know that babies put everything into their mouth – and yes – Kathy was no different. She had DDT in your mouth almost every day – and one of her duties as a young teenager was to cut the lawn – and her dad made her always drag the weed-bar behind the lawn-mower.  Kathy loved the feel of the freshly cut grass so she did this in bare feet – and therefore continuing the absorption of DDT into her life.

The last toxic over-load that shut-down one of Kathy’s kidneys was when she participated in drinking a bottle of red wine with a girl-friend that was brought back as a gift from the country,  Chili that still used DDT on all grapes grown for wine production.  The next morning – Both Kathy and her girl-friend woke up with a severe red rash all over their body. This rash progressively got worse and the itchiness of her skin almost drove Kathy in insanity.  In fact, she says that the only thing that she received some relieve was soaking in a hot bathtub with baking soda.

During this time, Kathy was always cold and in fact, spent most of her days lying beside the fireplace – wrapped in a blanket and still felt like she was freezing.  She had no strength and I will never forget the day I had to leave for a few hours – so I left some fruit in a bowl right beside her and ask her to please eat something, because she had no appetite and I knew that her body needed nutrition to heal.  When I came home – I noticed only teeth marks in the apple I left.  I asked why she was not able to eat – and she showed me that she did not have the strength to even hold the apple to her mouth – so she wiggled herself up against the wall and used the wall to hold the apple up to her mouth – trying to take a bite – but there was not even enough strength to bite the apple.  This was hard to watch and did not know what else we could do. We were willing to try anything at this point.

Desperate for Answers

During these months, we tried many modalities.  Oxygen Chambers, Hydrogen Peroxide baths, Bio-Feedback treatments, many food restrictions and whole food supplementation.  Kathy ’s health saw significant improvements but many symptoms of Lupus remained.

During this period – a close friend of Kathy told her about a book called “Come Alive” written by the famous Bernard Jensen and read the story about Bernard Jensen beating Prostate Cancer – in eight weeks and one day – after been given just two days to live, using the power of plant-based Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics.  I read how this book was dedicated to Michael O’Brien as he was responsible for helping Dr Jensen change his mind from wanting to die to wanting to live and then challenged Dr. Jensen to prove to the world that the things that Dr Jensen wrote about in his over 65 books – actually worked.

When Kathy told me about this story, I responded in a negative way by saying – Kathy that is Cancer – Not Lupus. I am sure there is a big difference.  She begged me to try to contact this man Michael O’Brien and share with him what was happening in her life.  Even though I thought this was a waste of time – I would do my best for her sake.

I contacted a Friend in the Natural Health Business in Washington, DC and asked if she could get a phone book for Montana and see if she could find a number for Michael O’Brien.  She called back with several numbers of people with this name.  In the process of elimination – my second call reached the wife of Michael O’Brien.  I confirmed that this is the same Michael O’Brien that was instrumental in the recovery of Dr Bernard Jensen with Prostate Cancer.

He was not there – but she took my number and said that he would call me when he is available.  I received his return call within two days and asked me what he could do to help me.  He listened as I shared what was happening to my wife – Kathy.   With what I shared – he knew the first thing that was needed to be done – was get Kathy's kidney working again.

Discovering the Power Of Enzymes & Probiotics

He told me to get a large pot that we could put on the stove – fill it with pure water and cut up around 12-15 certain vegetables, add them to the water and put the burner on low heat.  He explained that after 24-36 hours – I would see foam from the vegetables appear on the top of the water.

He instructed to Have Kathy drink this broth – but could not eat the vegetables because he only wanted the phyto-nutrients to enter her body because her kidney was not ready to handle any proteins.  He asked that I do not let Kathy eat any solid foods – just this broth and he would check up on us every-day.  Each day we reported how Kathy was feeling and we started to notice a reduction in the uric acid flow – the skin and hair was starting to dry up.   Michael then introduced to us the same Plant based Food Enzymes and a Proteolytic Probiotic blend that he gave Dr. Bernard Jensen.

He told me he would send a box of these two products up to us and to have Kathy take between 75 and 100 of these Enzymes and about 50 of the Probiotics per day on an empty stomach.  When I heard these numbers – my mouth fell open.  My first thoughts were – this is ridiculous – nobody takes that many pills of anything and maybe he is just trying to make some quick money from me.  When the conversation was completed – I hung up the phone and looked at Kathy and said – this is nuts….we can’t do this.

There were only a few words needed to be said by Kathy – and I understood that we were doing this because this was our only glimmer of hope.

The Path to Recovery

Kathy faithfully took the Enzymes and Probiotics every day and we slowly started to see improvements. Not wrapping up in blankets lying in front of the fireplace as much.  She was now getting hungry and wanted to eat solid foods – so Michael instructed her to drink as much freshly squeezed carrot juice and she wanted.  I think she was drinking about 4- quarts per day and I remember that it was not very many months and I would come home and I found Kathy in the kitchen – actually cleaning – washing dishes and actually started to be able to do a few things before she had to lie down and rest again. It was encouraging – but at the same time – I knew she was far from having her health back and live a normal life.  Michael keep in contact with us – making sure she never quit taking the Enzymes and Probiotics.

“I continued to see small improvements each and every week. It seemed like forever – but it was only eight months and Kathy was LUPUS FREE and living a vibrant healthy life. There was a NEW passion in both of us, for not only LIFE – but we really developed a passion for helping others.”

We both became extremely hungry for knowledge and wanted to learn as much as possible about the power of Enzymes and Probiotics. After listening to almost every lecture Micheal O’Brien presented, we both developed a belief that there is nothing that the body cannot overcome – and gaining a true understanding that Nature has all the answers.

Watching what happened to their mother – our two children also developed a NEW belief in what we were doing and wanted to be part of it.  As both our children became very active in the day-to-day activities in Avena – it became truly a Family Business.   With this youthful and keen spirit – both contributed greatly to our exponential growth and success of Avena Originals.

Over these months we had developed a very personal relationship with Michael O’Brien and after months of discussions, and my desire to make these powerful products available to Canadians, he agreed to allow Avena Originals to be the exclusive distributor for his best formula of Enzymes and Probiotics.   Our relationship developed and over time – more and more products developed by Micheal O'Brien were added to the distribution of the original Avena five products.

Though our previous established little Network Referral business, Avena Originals,  Kathy began to share what she had learned and developed a client based of hundreds, making a difference in so many lives. It developed to where a person had to wait up to six months to get an appointment.

Myself and business partner – Francis Reglin began to share her story in front of groups of people on a weekly basis and Avena’s membership grew to over 30,000 and continued to beat almost every previous months sales records for over 15 years s in a row.  More importantly – we made a difference in so many lives which fed the passion and personal want to do more.

Over the past 20 years – Avena has never lost the passion of sharing the simple truth that