A Story of Success!

Living with a digestive system

When Jennifer first approach Avena she was in a terrible situation, recently having emergency surgeries that left her without a stomach, small & large intestines, she was left for dead of the medical community. Unable to help her and without any way of digesting and absorbing foods, she was told she would eventually die of starvation.

We at Avena, connected with her she could not stay awake for more than 5 minutes at a time, and it would take several calls to share any information. Avena wasn't sure how we could assist someone with nutritional products when they had no means of absorbing any nutrition.

Finding Hope through Avena Originals

We worked through foods and tools that could provide her body with the best chance of using it. We took a popular recipe of a fermented coconut almond culture, infused the proteolytic probiotics into it, which continued to break it down even further, Enhance that process with a powerful full spectrum enzyme, and what we saw was absorption where there shouldn't have been any at all.

Months later she is awake 8 hours at a time, she is eating and obtaining energy from it. The human body is absolutely amazing at healing itself, we simply need to empower that process to happen. Avena does not feel that enzymes and probiotics did a miracle in her body, we feel her body healed itself and enzymes and probiotics were needed tools. The body is the miracle worker!

* the names of the individuals in this story have been modified to respect the privacy fo the person.