Hidden Dangers in Toothpaste

Hidden Dangers in Toothpaste

Did you know that this innocent looking tube of paste that majority people use several times per day, often contains several scary ingredients?

Let's start with T.S.P. 

Tri Sodium Phosphate, this is a paint stripper, wall primer, used to clean walls, concrete and supposedly your teeth. Considered a Corrosive & Irrantant.

How much of this would you want to ingest per day? It may not hurt you, but it can't be good for you?


This is the only medication mass administered to the population with no control over the dosage or intake. Flouride has been linked to mental disorders, lowered IQ, Hormone disturbances, among other serious concerns. 

Flouride is also in the hot seat as there is no difference between, states that use fluoride in their water and states that do no. Same for all other countries! If fluoride is not helping to have healthy teeth and has several concerning side effects, why are we taking so much of it?


This artificial sweetener is no stranger to gunfire, after all, it has been out in the open for long enough for the majority of people to know its darker side. Made from GMO Ecoli fecal matter, there are long lists of problems associated with this sweetener, one of the shocking known and listed side effects is death.

Combine these with Food Dyes, sands, and preservatives it raises the question of how much we should be putting in our mouths. Not swallowing it? That's great but the faster and most absorbable place is located right under your tongue so swallow or not you are ingesting it.

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