Dear Avena: Coronavirus

I am afraid of the coronavirus?

Excellent question, and timely considering what's going on in the world right now. Our bodies are designed to deal with viruses and bacteria all the time. Some that we encounter may be stronger than others. In general, you can support your immune system and this will help two fold. It can help keep you strong against incoming viruses/bacteria and it can also help once you may be infected. It's our own immune system that tracks these down and does the dirty work to eliminate them but, sometimes this takes TIME.

It works to reduce the time or severity of an infection. Giving your body the best chance to stand up and fight when the time is needed. There are many ways to help. Keeping your diet clean and free of foods that will dampen your immune system is a great place to start. So removing obvious sugars, wheat and dairy foods, especially in the morning is a perfect beginning. If you want to start the day strong doing so without these is an excellent start. Keep in mind, as there are foods that hurt your immunity, there are those that can support you. Foods that are high in vitamin C and antioxidants and that are enzyme rich are all beneficial.

As well you can ensure that you’re getting ample rest and water. These will keep your body functioning in its prime. Any ways you can reduce your body's downtime will only help further in keeping your immune system high functioning.

If you're looking to supplement with Natural Health Products, there are a couple that work alongside your immune system. Items like our enzymes and probiotics directly help the blood counts of white T cells that work directly on the front lines. Avena also carries vitamins C in the form of Electric C and Zinc in our ionic formula. These both are incredible. None of these things will cure you, or guarantee you won't get sick but, the CAN greatly reduce the risk and often help oyur body deal with any infection you might be exposed to.

Be proactive and lift your immune system, making you naturally immune to most infections.