Natural Ingredients doesn’t equal healthy

Just because processed food has natural ingredients in it does not make it healthy, for example, a fresh pressed green juice that is not sweet and has a bitter taste to it, would not be appealing to most consumers. The response from industry is to add all natural sugar in the form of cheaper fruit juices (like grape or apple). Some of these green juice brands have over 40 grams of sugar per 300ml that is almost twice a cola beverage, or often it is mostly a sweet fruit juice with a small amount of green for colour.

Consumers have shown that they want healthy options, thus the green juice on the shelf, but not all are created equal! We cannot rely on catchphrases and keywords on the front of food packages to determine if something is going to be healthy or not, it’s what is inside that counts!

Becoming better Label readers

I feel that one of the very best things we can do is learn to read labels, understanding what the words mean and educating yourself on the unfamiliar ingredients you don’t know. The more informed you are, the better armed for the store. For myself, I remember one Thanksgiving Holiday searching for a family favourite (Pumpkin Pie)!

While shopping at a favourite store, I saw a massive spread of pumpkin pies; over 10,000 desserts were on display and told they expected to sell them all over the Thanksgiving long weekend. It is very tempting, such a large pie at such a low price right? I was in and was about to put a couple in my cart when I noticed the long list of ingredients. I began reading the components and was horrified by what I saw! The chemical cocktail pumpkin pie went back to the food display and taken out of my cart; it had lost all its delicious appeal. One of the very best things we can all do is learn to read our food labels, understand what the words mean and educate ourselves on the unfamiliar ingredients.


Labels are by intention supposed to be clean, clear and easy to read. Many are misleading as food manufacturers are hiding trigger words/ingredients with other softer names.
Coming up with different titles for ones they know you’re avoiding, and in expecting that you will be a passive purchaser. They will use things like natural flavours, or spices, natural colours, secret recipes.

All in the hope to cover up what they know you are already aware of, and trying to avoid it in plain sight. In the following pages I will be referencing a list of ingredients I watch out for; things like Trisodium Phosphate, food dyes, artificial flavourings & sweeteners, and other chemical preservatives that are altering our food so far from its original shape and form that it hardly can be called food anymore.


I know there are hundreds and possibly thousands of different additives you can find on your food labels. With this in mind, try to have a game plan when shopping. What food extras are acceptable (to you) in low levels and which ones you firm in avoiding. In my house, I don’t mind some small levels of Xanthan Gum or Magnesium Stearate, while I have others that are complete deal breakers. Here is my list of the Terrible Twelve that doesn’t ever make it into my shopping cart or inside my house.

Feel free to use this is your guide or create your list of ingredients you will start banning or removing from your household and shopping cart. Take it with you when you go to the grocery store, this simple practice can save you and your families health in the years to come! Together we can create change, imagine what would happen if people stopped buying foods full of dyes, preservatives, MSG, aspartame, and chemicals that we don’t want in our food supply! The powers that be would be forced to recognise customer demand and discontinue the practice would be replacing those items with what better options. After all, they are just supplying what we are willing to purchase.

Dangerous combination EFFECTS

I wish there were some studies to expose the effects of combining several of these fore mentioned additives together and the potential they have to destroy our wellbeing, cause severe disease and health indications, but there hasn’t been a significant study that I’ve come across.

In fact, I think we are the study right now. Future generations will be able to look back on our mistakes, like a giant guinea pig we are exposing ourselves to these chemical additives and then reporting to our medical system the chronic aches, pains, diseases, and disorders other symptoms we develop.

One thing I can say with certainty is… this current generation has a new world of unhealthy and it’s an epidemic! We live longer but the quality of health is changing rapidly, and we see diseases in younger ages that have never been present before, and it’s overwhelming our youth! With the general population, their health problems will be riddled with medications and sickness.

Armed and Ready for the Supermarket

Now you should be armed and ready to venture through the scary aisles of your local supermarket, some of us already know many of these additives, and other may be their first exposure to what they are and do, regardless the decision is yours. Do you keep them out of your house and off of your fork and knives or do you allow small amounts in under heightened awareness?

The Avena Experience

Are you familiar with the Avena Experience? It is a lifestyle designed and supported by Avena Originals at being one of the very best ways to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate your body back to vibrant health.

It consists of 80% raw living foods, 20 % cooked or prepared food but 100% of those being clean foods. It also focuses on exercises that stimulate our lymphatic’s and improving mobility, your emotions and stress levels, our environment, and of course Avena Originals Natural Health Products.

By transitioning to this kind of lifestyle you automatically will clean up your shopping cart and food pantry. You will have more energy, lose excess weight, have a sharper focus and better concentration.

Accepting your health as a matter of choice, and not a matter of chance is the first and most powerful step you can take!
Your body is a continuous work in progress. You need to be responsible for the choices you make. There are no magic pills or potions. When given the proper tools, your body has the miraculous ability to heal itself.

Cleansing out the additives

I don’t believe we can avoid 100% of these food additives, with labelling laws allowing for small levels to be present without listing on the labels. It is apparent food additives are here to stay, and if you feel the way I do about them, then join me in cleaning up our shopping carts, cupboards, and refrigerators! You will be pleased to know what Avena can do for you. We’re perfectly situated to help cleanse our systems of these additives through ground-breaking products like the Herb Cocktail and Enzymes. I haven’t yet seen a company whose foundational products are designed to assist the human body in cleansing itself as ours do.

Experience the powerful effects of the Herb Cocktail and its gentle ability to pull toxins like these food additives out and into your intestinal tract, locking and trapping it in

a unique, powerful gel that expels this waste directly out of your body. By using a combination of Herb Cocktail, Super Digestive Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics we can turn our bodies into additive detoxifying superstars, because of each of the tools are uniquely designed precisely for that purpose.

Avena Originals understood 25 Years ago that toxicity can create virtually all disease and that the most important thing we can do is assist and empower the body to cleanse itself. By doing so, we believe this massive burden on our organs, tissues and glands, allowing for the natural restorative process to happen. The results have been incredible and consistent; we’ve witnessed people turn their health around and transform their bodies into disease-fighting machines. To simplify it, Avena believes that fewer toxins we consume mean more healing for our bodies!

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