Do you or someone you know suffer from some form of physical health issue?

You’re not alone! Too many people walk the path of ill-health alone and waiting for help, support, and answers.

The Pivot Point

This happened to one of the founding members of Avena. Then someone close to us became sick with a debilitating and terminal disease. Through this adversity, this person was ready, and willing to put in the work, to create change in their life and regain their health. Our founders understood the principle that “If nothing changes, nothing changes” and they were ready. So began a search of unprecedented proportions. The founders of Avena banded together: to seeking understanding and wisdom, to drive forward and find tools that could be used to regain health, and to answer those questions they were now facing (the same that you may be asking yourself right now).

  •  What am I missing?
  •  What are my options?
  •  What can I do to get healthier?
  •  Is it even possible I can take control my health?
  •  How does my lifestyle affect my health?
  •  Am I ready to change my lifestyle to achieve my health goals?
  •  Am I worth the effort?

Upon our search we discovered something. It wasn’t ONE thing that we needed; there wasn’t a perfect golden egg that solved the illness; it was so much more. Health is about all things that we do, not just ONE thing. In other words, how we feel and how healthy we are is directly related to our lifestyle and the culmination of everything.

The result was something new and unique, a company born of the needs of those directly involved. This ‘tech’ wasn’t something that we felt should be kept hidden and behind closed doors, rather it became the focus of Avena’s philosophy.

That health is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance.

For people who desire to take control of their well-being, there is hope; anything is possible.

All too often we tend to get narrow views that distract focus from the greater picture. Instead of looking at the entire human body we zoom in on a particular ailment or problem and seek remedies for separate issues. One key part we wish never to forget is we should never lose sight of the whole picture.

The truth is, none of us is perfect. Everyone could use a little help or boost. Have you heard the phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child’? Well, why does that stop with there? To be successful adults we need help too, sometimes this applies to our health. This can come in a multitude of forms: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, all the way down to farmers and beekeepers. Each one of those people has some impact on our health. Hey, we could add much to the list too but instead, let’s simply examine a couple of areas – food and technology.

We know that we are what we eat. The question is, are we doing the best that we can or could be?

So much it can be confusing!

There have been many food guides, and references to what and how much we should eat. Even with guides and suggestions, there are still so many who fall to the wayside; even athletes are not immune. The food habits of some athletes during the Olympics would surprise you; the most famous sprinter in the world was quoted that he ate ‘10,000 McDonald’s chicken nuggets’ during the two-week span of the Olympics. Why and how is this possible you might ask yourself? Well, athletes (and their coaches) know that true performance comes from more than just diet. In this man’s case, multiple factors came in: sleep, training, tech support, conditioning, and his regular (pre-Olympics eating habits), all of these join to give a comprehensive picture.

“He ate 10,000 McDonald’s chicken nuggets’ during the two week span”

Eating that much of a single food, for so long isn’t healthy either. It’s easy to ascertain that your body would not thrive with a diet tailored around a specific food. We were designed and created for variety. Just as there is no magic pill, there is no single perfect food that exists to sustain you indefinitely; eventually, deficiencies would inevitably form.

Logically we know that only consuming one type of food is detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing. Why then do we not expand and look at the broader picture?

Gaining Knowledge

Our learning base as a global community has grown. With that our understanding, that while food is a major player in our well-being, it’s not the only one. Additional components to health include environmental components, stress, emotional health, water, sleep, physical activity and some we may not have factored in yet. Just as the athlete can have cheat meals once in awhile and their overall performance won’t suffer; the same thinking can be applied to our health.

The NEED for Avena Originals

Here is where our current ‘technology’ comes into play. Avena is based on need, because sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing and get enough. Natural Health Products like Avena’s are there to boost or support what’s already there and to help you along the path. This is especially true for products like our Superfood. A fantastic greens product, because most of us don’t consume enough green leafy vegetables to live with an exceptional quality of life (Be honest with yourself, do you?).

Twenty First  Century Support

Now we can have apps that track our caloric or water intake, shoes to help us run in all-terrain, glasses to see clearly, exercise equipment, and Natural Health Products to support nutritional needs. All innovative ways that technology has brought more efficient ways to keep us on a healthy track. This is why Avena is here, is a need to help, to support, to supplement to achieve optimum health. Supplements aren’t new; they’ve been around for awhile, the technology has just evolved to become more current. Two hundred years ago we sent sailors with limes because it was discovered that they wouldn’t get sick when limes were a regular part of their diet. To them, this was a ‘supplement’ above and beyond their traditional fare of dried meat and bread. Since then, our knowledge about the body and nutrition has expanded and grown at an exponential rate. It wasn’t even until the 1920s that it was discovered that vitamins needed to come from outside foods, as the body couldn’t produce them in large enough quantities.

Modern day support looks very different than it did many years ago. Our understanding has moved beyond limes for vitamin C, into amazing products that deliver these vitamins and other nutrients (especially foods and nutrients that aren’t easy to obtain). We know the importance of these but rarely get enough. There are outside influences that contribute to why your body isn’t receiving the raw goods from the food provided; components like stress, enzyme deficiency, digestive problems, environmental factors or parasites each play a role in how and what our system can utilise from the foods eaten. In 1941 Wonder Bread started a new trend; they added vitamins into their bread. The ones that should already be present in the food were being added back in. They knew back then (in 1941) that incorporating supplements allows each of us now the opportunity to reach heights that are difficult if not almost impossible to achieve on food alone. Even those who are diligent and eat a vast array of fresh and raw foods harvested from the best sources still are vulnerable.

Discovering the future

Discoveries of the value of enzymes and beneficial bacteria are just the tip of the iceberg of new information. So much so that we’re still learning about how they can help. We can harvest and cultivate these life giving ultra-nutrients and support our bodies like never before in the known world. Massive improvements have been made in these areas in the last decade or two; this is the primary reason Avena updated our enzyme blends. When Avena first introduced enzymes in the mid-90s, this was revolutionary, so few people were using them for health purposes aside from digestion. Now 25 years later we’re leading the industry with enzyme nutrition!

Diet & Lifestyle Paired for Success

This technology flawlessly pairs how diet and lifestyle can work together cohesively for the better! This synergy is not limited to Avena’s enzymes, probiotics or Electric C, but is throughout our entire Natural Health Product line. Our searching has led us back to the beginning, back to nature. Diet and food intake should always be at the core of our health and wellness. What we need to do, is find ways outside of food alone to create a greater feeling of wholeness and reach the goals we are trying to attain. Avena products aren’t there to replace food, far from it. Our aim is to help support in those areas that need it.

 The good news is that we don’t have to navigate these waters alone. No longer do we need to doubt those tales of wellness from tree bark (Aspirin anyone). The modern world we live in allows us to be informed and to have choices and options. Avena wants to be your choice; we believe that in this era these nutritional supplements and the advantages they provide are the lift to our modern diets that we can all benefit from. But, and this is a big one, these supplements CAN NOT REPLACE A BAD DIET. Taking a multivitamin is not an excuse to continue to eat poor quality food, or not drink enough water. These products cannot outwork poor choices.


At Avena, we understand that your health is an ongoing journey. There is no magic pill, but there are incredible tools and technology that we can offer to help guide you on your way. We have holistic Natural Health Products that exceed national standards because we have far more stringent goals for our products as far as quality, integrity and effectiveness. In addition to our product line we go above and beyond, showing that you can encourage healthier sleep, more water intake, emotional support, exercise and podcasts for numerous other topics. Avena firmly believes that our products provide you with the greatest chance for success and implore strategies to empower you to better health. These instruments don’t all come in the same shape and size either; we can coach, support and help you reach your goals. Because your health is not comprised of just one thing or one aspect, but it’s all the little parts that together create a beautiful whole. It’s all things, the entire lifestyle, and those habits that you use that ensure your success. At the end of the day, it’s YOUR journey, and you’re the one who decides your path and direction.

We know it’s all the things that you do that make the big picture, and Avena wants you to know that with us you won’t be alone. We’ll be cheering you on and supporting you. However we can, because we believe that deep down we are ALL worthy.