Clearly, our healthcare resources here in North America and abroad are being pushed to their limits! Rising disease rates continue to result in increasing costs and rising waiting lists. Looking at this logically, many of you would probably agree what’s missing most in our “health care system” is health!

Our current model of healthcare has turned into a system of disease care, merely treating symptoms, rather than addressing the underlying cause of disease. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are deciding to take their health into their own hands.

Although many health practitioners, even those in complementary natural medicine, continue to treat symptoms. Here at Avena Originals, we believe in addressing the cause to discover your cure. In today’s system of practising medicine, practitioners view the body as individual parts. For example, we have doctors who specialize in skin, others who treat heart conditions, and even ear, nose and throat specialists.

Taking a more holistic approach to health, we understand that there isn’t a part of your body that isn’t connected to another part of your body. Holistic therapies such as iridology, reflexology, acupuncture, and chiropractic are evidence of this. With over a hundred trillion cells in your body, taking a more holistic or whole body approach to health is your best investment.

Ensure that the supplements you take feed your whole body, such as Avena Originals products. The world’s leading researchers are now stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for your cells, as the health of your body is mostly tied to the health of your cells and not your DNA! Your DNA is merely a blueprint; it does not build nor does it destroy. Here’s the challenge, with the full range of nutritional supplements available, where do you begin to make the best and most informed choices? Health food stores are lined with row upon row of supplements, and simply walking into a store to pick up a multivitamin may not be enough to adequately supplement your dietary choices, let alone improve your health.

Sure, deciding to purchase health supplements is a step in the right direction, but do you know what your body needs?
Do you know what to buy, and how to shop for quality supplements?

Evidently, ‘Supplementing With Success’ is much more than just popping pills, but rather choosing nutritional supplements that are synergistically compatible, highly bioavailable, and ultimately, effectively absorbed and utilized by your body.

In fact, if the supplements you consume are not designed according to “The Laws of Nature”, your best intentions and hard-earned dollars are being flushed away, literally!

To supplement successfully, you need to be aware that not all supplements are created equally, and here’s why. First, what’s on the label isn’t necessarily what’s in the bottle!

As shocking as this may sound, unless the supplements you purchase have a Natural Health Product (NHP) number and it’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) compliant, you have no way of knowing what’s really in the bottle.

Our Commitment to Quality

The Highest Standards in Product Safety & Quality

At Avena Originals, our products are manufactured by a GMP, and TGA certified manufacturer. All of our formulations that are produced are in accordance with Health Canada, GMP, and NHP regulations. They are tested by a third party laboratory, according to the testing requirements for each ingredient.

Avena Originals has held an NHP site license for more than ten years and is certified by GMP auditors that inspect all procedures yearly in order to maintain our Site License.
We’re leading the way in superior supplementation, and Avena Originals is proud to assure you that we are taking every step to make sure that the products you so appreciate continue to remain on our shelves.

Although some companies have made no efforts to meet these terms, Avena Originals has completed every step and submitted all necessary documentation to fully comply with these new regulations, in order to maintain our original product formulations, protecting their exceptional characteristics without compromising quality.

Our dedicated management team has made these investments not only to protect our future operations but to protect the time and energy that you, our valued customers, invest in sharing our life-changing products with your family, friends, and acquaintances. We’re doing our best to protect your products!

How does our compliance benefit you?

Quite simply, our compliance ensures that any product bearing the Avena Originals Logo meets the highest standards in product quality and safety assurance. Adhering to GMP regulations, we can whole-heartedly assure you that each lot number/batch has been independently tested and analyzed for potency, identity, quality and purity.

Avena’s NHP’s are Always Fresh!

We don’t manufacture large volumes of products, as most companies do just to have the products sit on our shelves, losing their freshness. Instead, we keep a lower inventory of products compared to most companies, allowing for fast turnover and always ensuring the freshest products possible!

This incredibly high standard we keep makes sourcing of the raw ingredients one of our biggest challenges! It is not uncommon for us to refuse or decline a source material if it does not meet up to our quality. It’s this uncompromising commitment that puts Avena Originals at the forefront of whole food supplement manufacturing.

At Avena Originals, it’s all about providing the best, cleanest, most biologically available pure products of nature, while empowering you to be the best that you can be! We don’ t make inflated, unsubstantiated claims on our products, as is often the case with cheaper, poor quality supplements. We’re all about quality, honesty and integrity!

Ensuring Safe Clean Products

As part of our commitment to exceeding the highest standards of quality assurance in the supplement industry, independent lab tests ensure that our products are free from toxic substances. Our products are tested for microbes such as E. coli, yeast, and mould, as well as pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

Our comprehensive product analyses are achieved through three sets of independent lab tests, first at the product’s raw materials stage and then again after the ingredients are blended together before packaging. Finally when we receive new shipments, then send our products out for a conclusive test to confirm product quality. These tests ensure first and foremost that our products are pure, but also verify that what’s on our product labels is indeed what’s in the bottle!

At Avena Originals, we’re so dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality assurance in this industry. From our manufacturing facilities to the safe transportation of our products on the way to our warehouse, and strictly enforce and record temperature controls during storage. Avena Originals delivers excellence in the safety, potency, and quality of our “Pure Products of Nature”.

Free from Binders, Fillers, Extenders, & Excipients

Unfortunately, with the majority of companies, profit is the bottom line, and as such you get what you pay for. Sadly, many dietary supplements on the market (regardless of their marketing hype) may be completely unnecessary, and some can even create unexpected health risks.

Cheap supplements often contain less costly ingredients to boost their profit margins, but using cheaper, less effective forms of nutrients lowers potency, and may result in toxicity. What are binders, fillers, extenders, and excipients? These are non-nutrient substances used to assist in the manufacturing process of most supplements and pharmaceutical tablets.

The worst offenders are agents such as ‘ magnesium stearate (found in capsulated products), maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, silicon dioxide and talcum powder (illegal in most countries). These substances are typically used in low-quality supplements to bulk-up products and to assist with the flowing of powdered substances into capsules.

At Avena Originals, we shun such practices and steer clear of using any toxic ingredients in our natural health products. Not only do they inhibit healing, but research indicates that additives like excipients are known irritants to the body, have the potential to harm the immune system, and block nutrient uptake.

We take steps further by including Jerusalem Artichoke as a pre-biotic, using Beet Fibre as a natural lubricant for our capsulation processing, and rice complex to use in our formulas like the Enzyme Powder. Adding in these extra measures allows the product to maintain it’s nutritional structure, and deliver formulations that surpass most, if not all of the supplements on the market.

Your Health is your Best Investment!

Ask anyone struggling with a life-threatening disease, and they’d be the first to agree that health is your greatest investment and that sickness is the real cost.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure but remember the most expensive supplements are those that don’t work or those that do more harm than good. Your health is YOUR GREATEST INVESTMENT! CONGRATULATIONS for taking a pro-active approach to your health.