Electrically Available is a 21st-century principle unique to Avena Originals, and it takes supplementing successfully to the extreme! Researchers at the leading edge of science have discovered that, contrary to popular belief, we live in an electric universe and not a particle universe.

The same holds true for your body, which uses electrical pathways to send electrons over your entire nervous system to communicate. Many time-honoured therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, electrical reflex analysis, and cranial sacral massage use these pathways (often referred to as electrical meridians), proving that your body is electric.

Even a simple blood pressure monitor is essentially monitoring your body’s electrical impulses. Nutri-physics states that when a nutrient is ingested, your body transforms it to acquire the energy matrix it needs from that nutrient. Every food found in nature comes with pre-programmed electrical instructions that instruct your body how to digest and utilize that food. This is one of the biggest keys to absorption!

When creating supplements, it’s easy to distort or even destroy these instructions, making it difficult and, in some cases, even impossible for your body to use those nutrients. Unfortunately, the vast majority of supplements produced today are formulated using only isolated ingredients, in ratios, dreamed up in laboratories that are incompatible with your body, and with the pre-programmed electrical instructions destroyed.

1,000 Piece Puzzle

To best illustrate this, imagine a 1,000 piece puzzle, where each piece represents different components with unique characteristics. Electrical blueprints are the instructions on how to correctly assemble all the pieces into one complete puzzle, similar to the photo or images embedded in puzzle pieces.Now imagine putting together a puzzle without images. How would you assemble the pieces?

Without images or instructions, you’d be acting in much the same way your body works when you consume supplements that are electrical distortions of nature. Fortunately, Avena’s formulators dedicated over 30 years of research to fully understand this complex puzzle and how all the pieces fit together.

This is where Avena Originals excels! Our natural health products adhere to nature’s perfect electrical construct, which makes all the difference in the world! It is crucial for you to understand that just because you or a laboratory identifies a particular matrix of substances as a nutrient, it doesn’t mean that your body will agree. Because, when it comes to nutrition and the bio-availability of nutrients, your body has the final say.

So you see, formulating our Electrically Available products goes so much further than merely combining individual isolated ingredients into a bottle. In purchasing products from Avena Originals, you know that you not only have the best quality ingredients in the right proportions and from the right sources but also that they fit together like a puzzle with their electrical instructions intact. Each piece fits together only one way to complete that puzzle. When this is accurately achieved, you have a supplement that is next best to nature and the closest man can create to whole food.

Bravo! You have just discovered the most critical keys to supplementing with success. Armed with this new understanding, you’ll now be able to make more informed supplementing choices, reducing the toxic load on your body even further. Remember, nature didn’t get it wrong, and that’s how we formulate here at Avena Originals – according to nature!

Products Designed According to the Laws of Nature

What makes Avena Originals products so unique is most important to your body. The fact that our products are highly bioavailable, even more so synergistically compatible with the body, and ultimately electrically available for optimal absorption – this is the foundation to “Supplementing with Success”!

Here’s why: we all know that our bodies require essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes to survive. But let’s take a look at one example of how “The Laws of Nature” play a part in the delivery of nutrients. This one example, when applied to your life, can make the biggest difference in achieving health and wellness through supplementation! It’s vitally important for you to grasp, yet so simple and logical.

Here’s the test question… Did you know that your body cannot absorb a vitamin without a mineral, a mineral without utilizable proteins, and protein without enzymes?

That’s right, most people supplementing today are starting at the wrong end of the scale. Knowing this one simple law of nature, you can see why so many people today while investing their hard-earned dollars each month into their supplement regime, continue to struggle with the ailments and often remain with serious health challenges.

To understand this further, let’s expand on the subject of absorption in easy to understand terms, as this is the foundation to “Supplementation with Success”! Without these truths, you could be spending hundreds of dollars each month on your health with little to no positive results!


Bioavailability refers to your body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients supplied to it. It relates to how quickly and completely the supplements you consume dissolve in your digestive tract and are taken up by your blood cells. Studies have shown that some forms of nutrients are more bioavailable than others.

This is why it’s vitally important to invest in good quality supplements. This is not only for superior absorption but, just as undigested proteins form putrefactive substances within the bowel, leading to some of the most life-threatening diseases, unused substances become toxic to your body-even in the form of supplements! That’s right… unused substances from in-absorbable
forms of supplements can be extremely toxic to your body.

This is how supplementing with low-quality supplements can do more harm to your body than good. This is why many people don’t supplement or have tried and quit. They didn’t get results because their supplements didn’t work!