Break free from Candida!

Have you heard about the not-so-secret agent that wreaks havoc on your insides? The culprit is Candida Albicans. The name implies something exotic and inviting, in reality, this common entity can cause chaos. Each and every one of us has Candida in our bodies, what can happen to many people, is the scales tip in favour of the Candida, allowing the yeast to grow rampant and unchecked.

This yeast will often be overlooked, as many of the common symptoms of overgrowth appear as minor issues or related to something else (take for example a headache or general fatigue). When these types of things occur it’s easy to brush them off and create excuses for them. You might feel tired in the afternoons because of poor sleep the night before, you haven’t had a coffee yet, didn’t drink your water, it was a busy or stressful morning. There are 1001 different excuses or reasons that could be the cause of your headache or fatigue, one of which is Candida.

In most cases, Candida is only addressed or considered when other options are ruled out. We as people tend to not want to admit Candida is our problem because it’s one of the few ‘conditions’ that is influenced heavily by our diet and lifestyle. All of us have a tendency to want to place blame and cause on outside factors, but because Candida is so closely related to our own diet and lifestyle it’s not something we can hide from.

After this, the question becomes if our diet is responsible, what foods or habits are we doing that is leading to the over the proliferation of Candida? The primary culprit is sugar, more specifically the overconsumption of them; these sugars are what feed the yeast. Just like anything else, when there is an abundance of food, Candida flourishes. Unfortunately, this leads to great discomfort for the host (us).

The discomfort may seem small and minor at first, but if left unchecked this can fester into something more significant, causing great distress. What makes Candida even harder to deal with is the fact that it’s a living organism. So, what does that mean for you? Well, everything alive fights to live fights for survival. This is the primary reason why removing sugar from the diet is so hard, your body ‘craves’ it. Once you remove it from your everyday life you begin to think about it, dream about it; in the same way as other addictions, it becomes incredibly difficult to overcome. To quit and overcome Candida you not only have to get over the sugar ‘addiction’, you have to sustain it long enough for the Candida to begin to wither away and exit the body. Depending on the person this can go anywhere from a few days to weeks. The important thing to remember is that it is absolutely possible to bring the body back into balance, it just requires effort and patience. Just like battling any other addiction (smoking, drugs, junk food), it takes plenty of effort and determination to succeed. It’s so beneficial to have others around you who have either battled Candida before personally or are aware of how to encourage you to reach your goal of overcoming Candida. Having mental focus and clarity is just a single point of effort in what should be a multiple approach/attack against the overgrowth.

How can you bring the body back then? The first thing to do is review the food you’re eating. If you’re already in a state where there’s too much Candida, you want to remove as much, if not all, of the food sources for Candida. This would include foods like processed sugar, sweet fruits and sweetener, complex carbohydrates, yeast foods, and alcohol of any type. When you’re fighting Candida and using food as a means of containment, it’s critical to reduce the food you’re eating that will feed the yeast in your body; as well as increasing more of the natural foods that impair Candida growth.

By doing this you can aim to suppress the yeast down to manageable levels. This is great if you want to continue eating a Candida diet long term; which is not ideal. Instead, striving to overcome and lift your bodies natural immune system so that it is equipped to manage the yeast levels (among other things) should be your goal. You can do this by boosting your natural diet and lifestyle with immune enhancing foods, or supplements that will empower your body.

Strong Proteolytic Probiotics is the primary means of combating any pathogen in the body, yeast and fungi included. By having a gut that is teeming with positive and powerful bacteria you’re creating an environment that is prepared for nothing but success. It’s these bacteria that will consume the same food sources which will starve the Candida.

Proteolytic bacteria are the strongest warriors when it comes to combating Candida overgrowth. Empowering your natural gut flora with unique strains of bacteria that have the capacity to kill the yeast itself is similar to employing a full SWAT team for your defence. Why settle for anything less. Having these bacteria defending and keeping the peace in your intestines is so important for overall health. Candida is just one of the many reasons why Proteolytic Probiotics are crucial for overall well-being. Using these bacteria with a healthy diet will set yourself up for greater success today, tomorrow and the future.

If Proteolytic Probiotics can wipe out Candida, the same holds true for protease (the protein-digesting enzyme). It’s easy to hear about enzymes and lump them all in the same category of digestive aids when in reality they are useful for so much more than merely food digestion. Protease can reduce Candida in a similar method to protein-digesting bacteria. Having a diet rich in protease is a great way to naturally balance Candida levels in the body.

One other enzyme that deserves mention is Cellulase. By nature, it’s classified as an enzyme that breaks down the fibre.  Phrased a different way, Cellulase has the unique ability to break down cell walls. This is true for the cellular walls of plants as well as the protective cell layer covering yeasts. It’s important that Candida is contained in manageable levels within the intestines because the main problems and symptoms will begin to occur as it outgrows our intestines. When it passes through our gut wall and into the rest of our body, this is another instance where the Cellulase steps in. Cellulase is called a gut wall transport enzyme (meaning it can carry items through the gut wall).

When you address Candida through only one of either foods or supplements you are merely suppressing the Candida. It’s as if the Candida is a leash that constantly reduces your freedom. You’ll never truly go beyond your boundaries by choosing one option instead of both. The true power and excellence come when you combine the two of these together and break the leash. You begin to empower your body to newer, higher levels of health. It is absolutely possible to reduce the amount of Candida overgrowth by deciding to use either a diet restriction or healthy supplementation, but by using only one option you’re forever settling to that choice long term. If you want to achieve your maximum heights of health and opportunity why maintain when you can break free of Candida?

Candida can destroy the body from the inside if not properly managed, but the power lies within each of us. We all have the ability to bring our Candida down and into control where we govern our own health. One great quote from a famous health educator: “Food has the power to either empower you or weaken you, and both taste great, so choose your food wisely”.