Not everyone has the personality or the willpower to suddenly change old patterns and shift 180 degrees into a new way of eating and living. We suggest that you take one step at a time. When you feel ready, try one or as many of the suggestions outlined below as you wish and see how you feel. Then enjoy your new-found health and vitality!

  1. Separate the crude proteins from unrefined carbohydrates. When you eat a meal, eat protein with vegetables and a salad. Should you want a carbohydrate meal, eat wild rice or quinoa, with vegetables and a salad. Make sure you have adequate raw proteins available for your body (Avena’s RP3 and E-Fusion).
  2. Cut out all grains. Avoid any bread, pasta, doughnuts, pizza, cereals, cookies, or rice.
  3. Move! Bounce on a rebounder, dance, run, do yoga, or engage in other fun activities with plenty of up and down movement to enhance lymphatic drainage. Be creative!
  4. Utilize Avena’s Herbal Cocktail. Drink with pure and fresh orange juice – first thing in the morning and in the evening.
  5. Rebuild your gut bacteria: Repopulate your gut bacteria with Avena’s Proteolytic Probiotics, and incorporate live active enzymes, such as Enhanced Enzymes and Super Enzymes.
  6. Drink fresh water. Spring water is one of the best sources!

Here is a proven way of eliminating the bad things that keep us from achieving health and vitality: look at your life, pick one to three things that you know are keeping you from true health, and dedicate yourself to giving up these things for the next 120 days. Why 120 days? Each day about 2 billion of the body’s cells wear out and are replaced.

The human body is always rebuilding itself! It takes 120 days to set a new pattern in your body, so if you eliminate these bad habits for 120 days, you will have established a unique pattern, and you will then find it very easy to remove these things from your daily living. Remember, none of us wants to lose anything – so do not take things away from yourself; rather replace those wants or cravings with fresh fruits and vegetables, or one of Avena’s supplements like RP3, E-Fusion, Electric C, etc.

Think about this…the oldest cell in your body is only two years old. So, if you start today, each new cell will be living in a cleaner and healthier environment. With less disease-causing foods and more Fresh and Raw foods, there will be a “NEW YOU” in just two years! This thought should excite you, and be enough for you to make that effort for a life of better health and vitality.