Linda Leeson

Linda Leeson

Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist
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mailing address only : 10 - 2070 Harvey Ave., Kelowna,
British Columbia Canada, V1Y 8P8

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Frustrated with Therapy Treatments that will not hold?
Want to know the No. 1 reason why?

Want to know the No. 1 reason why? The number one reason is that your bowel may not be working properly! ( see also below what secret was revealed to me about clearing the calcium spurs off your feet, hands and spine!)

a) your bowels may have been injured and the soft tissue/fascia is jammed
b) you may have always had slow bowel movements up to some missing for days, this jams the ability to make Xeronine in the large bowel that gives your body the ability to get oxygen to your muscles to work harder and smarter also without Xeronine you will produce LESS of your own Morphine that you naturally produce when injured. 
c) the fuel (electricity) for your bowels is limited as your spine is injured, so Have a local Onsen Therapist reducate the joint to let the electricity flow thru! 
d) stress might kill all the natural enzymes from your good food you eat, so you end up with a type of food scurvy that prevents fuel from helping your muscles work properly.   Enzymes are important to your life source and fuel.
e) you are holding your bowel movements because you are in pain, the too full bowel area will press on your injured nerves and tissue near or in your spinal area 

My clients have done their fastest recovery with the longest treatment benefits when they have taken Avena Originals’ “Herb Cocktail” they soon return to preferable bowel movement of two to three times a day.

Clients who come to me with calcium deposits in their kidneys or other organs have cleared calcium out of them within 30 days by using the powdered Electric C from Avena.  I had one client that had one kidney full of stones and could not have an operation as he was allergic to the Anaesthetic, and The CAT scan he had showed that he no longer had any stones after 30 days use of the powedered Electric C from Avena.  Others have had joints in the hips, feet and hands clear up from calcification by using the Electric C,  Ionic Magnesium, and E- Fusion.  They could not say enough about how fast it worked in less than 8 months!

Linda Leeson, dip RM, COTTIE has over 18 years experience in finding and treating 'the source of clients’ pain using the protocol, The Treatment of Pain™ known as the Onsen Techniques®, Onsen muscle Therapy™, Onsen Therapy® or just plain Onsen®.

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