Kim Hartlin

Kim Hartlin 60 years old

incredible strength and fitness

One of the Healthiest Senior you will meet!


About me

Kim Hartlin

Kim Hartlin has been involved in the health industry for over 40 years. He follows a strict lifestyle that reflects his strong commitment to promote health and vitality

Secret to Kim’s incredible health:

In year 2000 Kim was introduced to a company called Avena originals. At that time the company had only a few products. Kim tried one simple product – the herb cocktails and instantly he knew that they had something very unique. Their products were formulated to work with the energy of the human body, through a process of electrically formulating each ingredient.

Still going strong at the age of 60!

At 60 years of age, Kim is still working full time as an expedition specialist leading river expeditions and trekking expeditions both in Canada and the Himalayas of India.

Kim is an inspiration to everyone who meets him, both in the field and in the gym. When he is not out on any expeditions, he trains in the gym doing full body work outs 2 to 3 hrs every other day. Many young men and women ask him how it is possible at his age to do this kind of work out. It all boils down to commitment and a combination of eating pure natural foods and using high quality natural supplements from Avena originals.

Hard Forward:

This is an expression often used by kim Hartlin in everyday life as well as during tough expeditions. It is a reflection of his amazing life style meaning – one has to keep going hard forward and take care of your health, for “health is your wealth” !

 In these times that we live in, the soils and vegetations are so depleted of natural elements that one has to supplement diet with good natural products. Kim uses Avena originals to maintain optimum health and performance”

 Anyone who feels inspired by my life and my health and vitality may please feel free to contact me and I would love to share my secrets of good health and zeal for adventure with them. – KIM HARTLIN

Kim HArtlin