Bioflavonoids in Avena’s Electric “C” What Are They?

Bioflavonoids, initially called vitamin P (for their rapid permeability), are a significant part of the vitamin C complex for healing. Bioflavs help vitamin C keep your collagen (the body’s intercellular “cement”) healthy. Bioflavonoids strengthen capillaries, connective tissue and blood vessel walls to reduce hemorrhages and ruptures which lead to spider and varicose veins and bruise marks.

The first signs of deficiency in vitamin C and bioflavonoids is a tendency to bruise easily, varicose veins, or noticeable purplish spots on the skin. Find bioflavonoids in the skins and pulp of citrus fruits, grapes, cherries and many berries. The body does not produce its own bioflavonoids, they must be obtained regularly from the diet or supplementation.



Here are some of the benefits bioflavonoids have for you:
* Bioflavs help build a protective antibiotic barrier against infections and boost immune response.
* Bioflavs have potent anti-inflammatory action without the side effects of aspirin.
* Bioflavs help prevent allergies and asthma.
* Bioflavs reduce excessive internal bleeding and promote healing of cuts and bruises.
* Bioflavs help detoxify carcinogenic chemicals, radiation and heavy metals.
* Bioflavs assist in preventing cardiovascular disease.
* Bioflavs act much like estrogen to curtail menopausal symptoms.
* Bioflavs help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

Vitamin C, an antioxidant from citrus fruits, reduces both LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Vitamin C’s antioxidants also promote wound healing and boost interferon for immune response and T-cell production. Antioxidants in C, E and carotenoids lower the common cataract risk of oxidative stressors like ultraviolet light.

Vitamin C also improves blood sugar levels in non-insulin dependent diabetics. Some believe that America’s high rates of asthma are a result of a marked decrease in Vitamin C antioxidants.

Fact: Electric C is one of Avena’s most prized Electrically Available® formulations. It has naturally-occurring bioflavonoids, electrolytes, tyrosinase, zinc, potassium, K factors, P factors and J factors, making it safe and easy to use in large doses.

Electric C is the ultimate immune system enhancer. Isolated and synthetic forms of Vitamin C reportedly absorb at the rate of 3 to 7%; more complete, buffered formulas can achieve 47 to 57% absorption rates. But presented in the proper electrical matrix, complete with the full package of nutrients that make up a true vitamin C, Avena’s Electric C delivers an astonishing 98% absorption rate, leaving its competitors in the dust.