Parasite Cleanse Programs

Parasite Cleanse Programs

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A Time Tested Solution

A time tested and proven method for assisting the body in the removal of parasites from our bodies. Avena Originals is the leaders in working with whole food, natural remedies you can apply yourself. Available in 30 or 90 day supplies. Avena Originals strongly encourages a parasite cleanse for 90 days. See the FAQ for more detail why.

With Avena's Parasite Cleanse Programs you will receive the following supplies:

  1. Para Ease 320 Capsules
  2. Herb Cocktail 280g (2 - 225 Capsules substitute)
  3. Enhanced Digestive Enzymes 180 caps
  4. Proteolytic Probiotic 120 caps
  5. Written instructions for using the products together
  6. Lifestyle advice, foods to avoid, and food to incorporate
Contents are based around a 30 day supply. (When purchasing capsules version you will have extra capsules at the end of each month, as we do not have a perfect sized container for this program)

Avena's Vice president used this program when he was almost crippled by parasites with amazing results. Read the full story here Kameron's Parasite Story

Warning Graphic Video on parasites.

Contents are based on 30 Days.

  • 1 - Para-Ease 320 caps 
  • 1 - Herb Cocktail 280g 
  • 1 - Enhanced Digestive Enzymes 180 caps 
  • 1 - Proteolytic Probiotics 120 Caps 
  • List of foods to consume and to avoid 
  • Written instructions on how to best use the products for results.

Contents are based on 90 Days.

  • 3 - Para-Ease 320 caps 
  • 3 - Herb Cocktail 280g 
  • 3 - Enhanced Digestive Enzymes 180 caps 
  • 3 - Proteolytic Probiotics 120 Caps 
  • List of foods to consume and to avoid 
  • Written instructions on how to best use the products for results.
  • Q: Why do you suggest 90 days?

    A: A typical parasite lifecycle is 90 days, even though most people are felling great after 30 days, stopping the program provides the opportunity of unhatched eggs to reinfect your body. 

    Q: Do I really need all these products?

    A: Depends on your definition of need! These program was setup to allow the greatest chance of success with the majority of people. People have used less and succeeded, but when dealing with parasites Avena feels you are better to empower the body to heal itself in the best way possible setting yourself up for the best results.

    Q: What should I watch for?

    A: Your looking for change, change is not always sunshine and rainbows, it can be difficult to go through, there are many books written about healing crisis or detoxifications. But change is good, it shows the program is working and do not be afraid to go through a few rough days to get to better days.

    10 Signs You May Have a Parasite


    1. You have an explained constipation, diarrhea, gas, or other symptoms of IBS
    2. You traveled internationally and remember getting traveler’s diarrhea while abroad
    3. You have a history of food poisoning and your digestion has not been the same since.
    4. You have trouble falling asleep, or you wake up multiple times during the night.
    5. You get skin irritations or unexplained rashes, hives, rosacea or eczema.
    6. You grind your teeth in your sleep.
    7. You have pain or aching in your muscles or joints.
    8. You experience fatigue, exhaustion, depression, or frequent feelings of apathy.
    9. You never feel satisfied or full after your meals.
    10. You've been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia.


    The signs of a parasite can often appear unrelated and unexplained. As I mentioned previously, there are MANY different types of parasites that we are exposed to in our environments. I typically see parasites causing more constipation in patients than diarrhea, but some parasites are capable of changing the fluid balance in your gut and causing diarrhea. Trouble sleeping, skin irritations, mood changes, and muscle pain can all be caused by the toxins that parasites release into the bloodstream. These toxins often cause anxiety, which can manifest itself in different ways. For instance, waking up in the middle of the night or grinding your teeth in your sleep are signs that your body is experiencing anxiety while you rest. When these toxins interact with your neurotransmitters or blood cells, they can cause mood swings or skin irritation.

    Medical screenings are missing parasites.

    We are hearing more and more about people who have provided stool samples, blood work and through all screening methods were unable to find proof of parasitic infections. These people have physical and visual proof of these parasite infections. 

    For the best test we are aware of look for a Functional Medicine Doctor in your area, and ask for a comprehensive stool sample for parasites.

    Many nutritionalist would suggest families do a 90 day parasite cleanse together once per year as a preventative measure. 

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