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Revitalize Audio

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Revitalize Audio

69mins - Inspiring live event recordings brought to educate, and empower you to start reclaiming your health today.

"Healing from Lupus" - By Mel Tarry, President. Mel shares the origins and beginnings of Avena Originals. How the whole concept of a company started( and what were the first products). He also goes into detail about exactly what happened with his wife, and how, as a family everyone responded. This event ended up being a major turning point in the entire focus of Avena. Hear how the philosophy of Avena changed for the better, and what that means for our clients and members who've grown to know and love our products - and those who are just new.

"Powerful Products" - By Kameron Tarry " we have yet to comprehend the power behind nature in regard to healing" Avena Originals products and lifestyle are changing lives all over the world! Listen to how they work and why they get the results they do! Kameron has had over 15 years of experience working directly with these products and his knowledge and research behind the products is unmatched. Kameron discusses some of the key products Avena believe is the foundation for health and wellness.

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