Clear Electric

Clear Electric
"Clearing Your Air from Ions"

This Electrically Formulated® blend of biophoton infused essence helps to protect your body electromagnetically from the dangerous effects of EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies). This invigorating, perfectly matrixed blend we call Clear Electric, simply shake then dispense six to ten sprays of our Clear Electric to surround yourself with enhanced protection. Effectively cleansing your environment of the residual effects of EMF’s while naturally revitalizing your air with beneficial negative ions.

Ingredients: Biophoton Infused Structured Water, Unrefined Sea Salt, Adamantine Nectar (light particles), Essential Oils of Lavender, Birch, Pine, Balsam and Black Spruce.

DID YOU KNOW? Dangerous fields of distorted man-made energy invisibly invade your body daily. These EMF’s can have a negative effect on your physical and psychological well-being. In fact, some researchers attribute this to cancer and other deadly diseases. Electrical devices such as televisions, computers, microwaves, stereos, electric blankets, video games and even cell phones all produce EMF emissions.

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Weight: 140.0000 kg

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