Ceramic Grinder

Ceramic Grinder

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Ceramic Grinder
An exciting new design, this deluxe salt grinder features one of the world’s leading ceramic mechanisms. It’s a must-have for every healthy home. Unrefined sea salts, with their full range of minerals and higher degrees of moisture, need a special ceramic grinder. (Always avoid metal mechanisms that can corrode and interact with precious minerals.) Imported especially for our Pristine Sea Salts, the elegant see-through design makes it easy to see how much salt remains at all times.

This special grinder makes short work of our Pristine Sea Salts, peppercorns, and other herbal blends or spices. Its durable mechanism is fully adjustable - from coarse to fine grind.

Ceramic Grinder, Plastic Housing, a stainless steel Spring.

A perfect match for wet or moist salts

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Weight: 0.1590 kg

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