30 Day Empowerment Kit

Every new year we want to begin that new hit list - yes that “New Year’s Resolution” BUT… When do you make the time to create change?

Has your list ever been completed and do you feel accomplished by the following year?  Well, let’s scratch this so called list and let’s turn your life goals into a journey. When it comes to health, money, job, fitness, and personal time - you have to learn to create the time for yourself and manage your goals. So, let us help you in the health and nutrition category.

We have an amazing program that will give you the tools to start at square one. Avena Originals has put together a health journey program! Sign up to get your Avena Empowerment Kit and we will take your health to a whole new level! 

30 Day Empowerment Kit: (Avena Products)

1 - Herb Cocktail Powder
1 - Enhanced Enzyme 500 Capsule
1 - Super Digestive Enzyme 240 Capsule
2  - RP³ Natural Flavour 900g
1 - Proteolytic Probiotic 240 Capsule  
1 - 30 Day Journal Booklet


  • Custom-made journal by Avena Originals to help you track your progress regularly and accurately.

We created an easy-to-follow guide that will take you step by step down the path to greater health using both the Avena Originals products and a healthier lifestyle. So many people start the new year with good intentions of becoming more healthy, fit, and active but don’t know how or where to start. That is where this program truly shines! Learn how and when to take our products to maximize your success. Such a unique opportunity doesn’t happen every day! What better chance to create and stick to a healthier lifestyle than through this program right now.

$525.00 Retail price
Quantity: 90 Day Cleanse
Weight: 6.4000 kg

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